professional blog?

as i just wrote in my “personal blog,” i’m trying to keep this blog site a “professional” one and http://bleuemoon.blogspot.comas a “personal” blog.  but where does personal blog end and professional blog start?  for me even depression is part of my “professional” self since it affects how i can or cannot do things.  and how i function in my “professional” life and my “personal” life are just way too inter-related.  since i’m a student, there isn’t really a distinct shape in which my professional life looks like.  so for a while, until this blog takes a shape of its own, my blogs will be professional and personal on this site, at least for a while i think.  the only distinction will be that on this site i will try to keep to one topic per blog.  on the other blog, you’ll find that i jump from one topic to another and drop topics as my mind quickly moves on.  🙂

Author: bleuemoon

she/her/hers...pastor, chaplain, theologian...writing a dissertation on theology of traumatic affect...going for transparency here, but it's not easy...

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