why not?

the best response to the question “why live?” that i can think of is, “why not?”  it’s all the same isn’t it in someways.  whether i’m dead or alive life goes on for the rest of the world.  i may make a difference for those who know me, i.e., friends and family.  but i guess i wonder what purpose my life has.  i don’t have an answer to that big question.  all i know is that i’m breathing today and as long as i’m breathing, i have to do something.  i can’t sleep all day although i’m pretty good at that.  i mean i really can’t sleep all day everyday.  while i’m here i might have to come up with something meaningful to occupy my waking moments.


i’m having a really hard time concentrating today.  i just kept flipping pages of the book i’m presenting for tuesday.  i guess there are good days and there are bad days of concentration.  i’m thinking of just calling it a day and resting for the rest of the night.

i have to do jury duty in may!  i was thinking of getting out of it somehow.  but i think i will do my civic duty and serve on a jury.  yup.  that’s what i decided.

i’ve been listening to music all day long.  i just felt like i couldn’t breathe without listening to music today.  i’m looking forward to going to sleep tonight.