was jesus gay?

for class this week, we’re reading a book by theodore w. jennings, jr. – the man jesus loved. i’ve only read the first hundred pages so far. the argument is mainly based on gospel of john in the first part where the author argues that the disciple whom jesus loves indicates not only that jesus was his lover but also that this love was of physical nature, setting it apart from the love jesus expressed for other disciples. it’s amazing how much one can go on just a few phrases in the text! the author compares the beloved disciple and jesus’ relationship to a marriage basing it on the dialogue when jesus was on the cross. jesus tells his mother, woman behold your son. and to the beloved disciple, behold your mother.

i honestly think that the text doesn’t really support the author’s argument that jesus and the beloved disciple were romantically involved. but i think jesus, as he cared for oppressed people, loved all those who were marginalized by the society.

if jesus were gay-friendly, would this/should this affect our faith? what if jesus himself was gay? does it even make sense that god/man would be either heterosexual or homosexual? at the same time, as the author states, if jesus was fully human, wouldn’t he have had some sort of sexual orientation?

class will be interesting, no doubt!

Author: bleuemoon

she/her/hers...pastor, chaplain, theologian...writing a dissertation on theology of traumatic affect...going for transparency here, but it's not easy...

2 thoughts on “was jesus gay?”

  1. I do believe Jesus was gay-friendly. And the Church as a whole is decidedly not. The huge chunk of Church that believes homosexuality is a sin for some reason treats it as a worse sin, which really disturbs me.
    I do not believe Jesus was gay. I don’t know. If we have to slap a label on it, maybe he was asexual?


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