fast recovery

am i wolverine? wow. yesterday i was wrapped up in nostalgia…missing my ex even though i know the decision to end things was the only possible decision to preserve my self-respect. but today i’m looking upward and forward! life is pretty good right now. but i have this strange feeling inside of me that life is going to get even better! how that might even be possible, i haven’t the faintest clue. i just know it. i think when you’re surrounded by people who believe in you, encourage you and appreciate you, all the time, you start thinking maybe they’re onto something! going to sound like a commercial right now…things are going to get better because i’m worth it! haha i am laughing at me and with me. 🙂

Author: bleuemoon

she/her/hers...pastor, chaplain, theologian...writing a dissertation on theology of traumatic affect...going for transparency here, but it's not easy...

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