what to do?

after the car accident on sunday evening, i have been experiencing pain in my back and shoulder/neck area. so doctor prescribed me some pain relievers. i’m pretty sure he has a list of all the other medicine i’m on. but at least four of the medicine i am taking interfere with each other: take-as-needed-pain reliever i was just prescribed, the muscle relaxer, anti-anxiety medicine that i take as needed, and antidepressant i’ve been taking for couple of years are listed as medicine not to mix. i’m hoping my doctor knows what he’s doing. i don’t want to be feeling pain so i don’t want to go without pain relievers. certainly don’t want to feel anxious and don’t want to be depressed.


Author: bleuemoon

she/her/hers...pastor, chaplain, theologian...writing a dissertation on theology of traumatic affect...going for transparency here, but it's not easy...

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