for the first time in my life, i went to a buddhist monastery for meditation. the chanting part was weird. i wasn’t prostrating but i couldn’t keep up with getting up and down. i started feeling dizzy. after 30 minutes of chanting, which i just listened to, we had 30 minutes of sitting. i didn’t know i could move. so the entire time, my legs were numb. well, ok, they were numb about 10 minutes into the sitting. and about 3 times, i felt real intense clarity of my mind. it was really cool. i wouldn’t say i was really doing buddhist meditation though. it was more prayerful for me given that i’m a christian. that’s who i am. i wasn’t going to the meditation to try on buddhism. it was fascinating. i mean, religious experience of meditating in a buddhist context/surrounding compared to mindfulness or christian meditating…not sure of all the similarities and differences. the experience last night was definitely interesting!

living with a sugar problem

i was in denial. but the fact is i have a problem regulating my blood sugar level. last tuesday i was driving up from out of state and had to stop because i started feeling light headed and disoriented! i hope that never happens on the road again!

still i keep craving sugar. i eat it. then i feel flooded with sugar and can’t think. so why do i keep doing it???