unexpected beautiful moment

yesterday, I visited a patient fourth day on a row. first time I met the patient was on Sunday by on-call page. I didn’t realize he was in critical condition. only the next day when I visited him had he visibly deteriorated. on my last visit, he was sleeping, morphine induced sleep I think. I talked to him, reminding him how he joked with me first time I visited him, sang to him amazing grace. last going I said up him was that he was in good hands. I found out this morning that he passed few minutes after I left him. he and I shared a beautiful moment minutes before his death. I imagine he’s in a better place much like the feeling I get from this picture of a garden in the middle of downtown.


self portrait

in art classes assignment for self portrait comes up often. after a great day, lunch in Central Park, good class, walking and taking pictures with a friend downtown, art opening, on the way home, I took this picture. more than beautiful pictures I took, this picture feels closer to how I feel at times lately. this too shall pass, right?