No more binge eating! – thoughts on restricted diets

This article, Restrictive Dieting May Shorten Your Life, So That’s Bad News for Keto Dieters, talks about how restricted diets and how it’s not good for your health, including keto diet and other high-fat, low-carb diets like paleo, atkins, Dukan and Whole30.

So I wonder what they would say about vegetarians and vegans who choose to limit their diet, not to lose weight but for other principled reasons. Arguments still could apply the same way to vegetarians and vegans, but don’t think the life style of limiting diet affects vegetarians and vegans the same way, maybe? interesting to think about! I experience binge factor and feeling of deprivation, but vegetarians and vegans who choose their diet to be limited, probably feel good about their choices!! 

It seems like the article might apply to those giving up food to lose weight but not for people who want to give up those foods for reasons other than losing weight. restricted diet seems primarily unhealthy for the feeling associated with losing weight. vegetarians and vegans don’t have binges or cravings for meat or if they did they wouldn’t be vegetarians or vegans for the right reasons.  

After reading this article, and reflecting on how I feel about trying to follow Whole30 diet plan for past year and a half, I decided, no more dieting and no more binge eating! I crave carbs from grains, especially rice, noodles, pasta, bread, and also crave dairy products, like cheese, milk, yogurt!  And every once in a while I would binge on the food groups I wasn’t supposed to be eating.  And also I would feel guilty because in my mind I was “breaking” or “cheating” on my diet.  So no more binge eating!  No more restricting any food group!  Well, I still want to stay away from alcohol and added sugar in general.  And to all other food?  I will eat mindfully and in moderation.  Yay!  I feel free and liberated from diets at last and will continue to strive for healthy eating and improving my percentage body fat and BMI.  Onwards and Upwards, even if making baby step progress everyday and not always even moving forward, but moving is better than not moving!!


Sleep Apnea – I’m done with it!

I no longer have sleep apnea! Last year I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and had to use C-Pap machine or get a dental device to treat my sleep apnea.  Great news is that I no longer have sleep apnea!  How?  I lost 35 lbs in the past two years.  Last year when I got diagnosed for sleep apnea, I was about 330-35 lbs heavier than I am now.  I lost weight so I went back to my neurologist and took another sleep test.  And she told me my AHI was in the normal range.  She said I should still avoid sleeping on my back and recommended some devices, way cheaper and more comfortable than C-Pap machine.  So I’m just going to post them here.  This is not an advertisement, just a public service announcement of sorts.  After I checked out websites, I decided to use my fanny pack, the kind you wear around your waist like when you are running or something, going to fill it with some old clothes and wear it around my chest when I go to sleep.  Cheapest training device was $79, and can be upwards of few hundred dollars depending on what the device is capable of doing.  So anyway, in case you want a more comfortable and cheaper solution to improving your health and managing your sleep apnea, see below.

My Neurologist recommended the following:

I would still recommend you avoid sleeping on your back.  See below 

Several options for position training include:

Snore ball/sleep apnea t-shirt, backpack(filled with old clothes), a fanny pack with tennis balls, or a pregnancy pillow (U shaped)

Professional bumpers/trainers including :

ZZoma —-

Slumberbump —-

Rem-A-Tee —–

Vibrating Positional trainer

Phillips Night Balance

The Sleep Position Trainer

Night Shift Therapy

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