god is good. oh yeah.

my friend’s father got out of surgery.  the surgery seemed to last forever!  i was waiting to hear from my friend and was so relieved and happy to hear that the surgery went well!  thank you God!

i was feeling miserable because of the news of my friend’s parents both needing surgery, another friend’s family member passing away, and another friend feeling really emotionally rocky right now.

i feel like a huge weight has been lifted off!

another good news is that a friend who is a mom of two ran the boston marathon and finished it!  she ran for four and a half hours.  can you imagine running for that long?  wow.  i’m so happy for her.

yes, like sucks sometimes.  but then there are times when you just want to thank god and feel happy for yourself or for others.  🙂


life sucks – sometimes

i just found out that a friend’s mom AND dad are going to get surgery in the next month or so.  could things get worse than that?  i don’t want to find out.  but things couldn’t get much worse, could it?  i spent the past twenty four hours or so with her until she could fly home.  i didn’t know what to do, what to say, and if i could even hope to be helpful.  all that i could do was to just be with her.

another update on my friend

it turns out that my friend’s doctor didn’t communicate to her what was going on exactly.  the high level of cell count in the blood was due to her medicine and not suspected to be abnormal cell growth!  for the past month my friend thought that her illness was coming back.  how irresponsible of the doctor not to tell my friend that she just needed her medicine adjusted!!!  in any case i’m really happy to hear that everything is okay.


for a long time, i felt distant from god and couldn’t pray as i had before. and then when a friend told me last week about her health condition (that she may find out in a week whether she has a limited time to live), i started praying for her and am finding that i feel different when i pray.  in desperation i prayed as i felt the urgency of the need for god. i mean, i had been praying before but maybe without the sense of urgency, like if things were a matter of life and death. and these days at morning prayer, we really do pray for the life or death of our friend. and something in me has changed. of course i can’t heal my friend. i’m not even sure how much the doctors could do even if they discover that she needs treatment. whether for good or bad, i feel a sense of peace. no doubt, last week when i heard the news i was really disturbed. but now i feel that we are all going to be fine.