Meditation to Clear Clutter in your mind

I’m not an expert meditation and I’m not a regular practitioner of meditation. ┬áBut this meditation works for me because it is only 7 minutes long, it uses imagery of organizing a desk to declutter your mind (which works for me because I’m usually sitting AT MY DESK!), and guides you to organize or cut out clutter that you don’t need on your desk, I mean, your life!


for the first time in my life, i went to a buddhist monastery for meditation. the chanting part was weird. i wasn’t prostrating but i couldn’t keep up with getting up and down. i started feeling dizzy. after 30 minutes of chanting, which i just listened to, we had 30 minutes of sitting. i didn’t know i could move. so the entire time, my legs were numb. well, ok, they were numb about 10 minutes into the sitting. and about 3 times, i felt real intense clarity of my mind. it was really cool. i wouldn’t say i was really doing buddhist meditation though. it was more prayerful for me given that i’m a christian. that’s who i am. i wasn’t going to the meditation to try on buddhism. it was fascinating. i mean, religious experience of meditating in a buddhist context/surrounding compared to mindfulness or christian meditating…not sure of all the similarities and differences. the experience last night was definitely interesting!